True Lite Aggregate

As its name indicates, True Lite aggregate is a very lightweight material and a true innovation in the construction industry. True Lite aggregate consists of low density blast furnace slag designed specifically for concrete products that conform to the specifications of Standard ASTM C 331 for lightweight aggregate used in concrete masonry units.

Some one million tonnes of slag are processed and marketed annually as a granular base for roads, low-density engineered fill, lightweight concrete units, roofing aggregate (Roof Lite), ready-mixed concrete or precast concrete, and as the raw material in the production of mineral wool insulation and slag cement.

In addition to many value-added benefits for the construction industry, True Lite is environmentally friendly and a 3-R alternative (reduce, reuse, recycle) to non-renewable mineral resources. This “artificial stone” lends itself to the versatile concept of construction in constant evolution, contributing to the preservation of our landscape legacy for future generations.

Lightweight concrete block

The True Lite innovation has paved the way for a 100% slag-based formula to create the ultimate lightweight unit. This product complies with Canada’s National Building Code as Type L2 concrete and is easily available in all modular sizes, shapes and profiles currently offered in the concrete block industry.