A passion shared by fathers and sons

Groupe MBM is the logical outcome of a family-owned company that has always specialized in masonry. One of the current owners, Charles Thibault, is the descendant of a long line of men with callused hands and business acumen.

“The story goes back more than a century to my great-great-grandfather, a mason by profession. At the time, most buildings were made entirely of stone, so his was an essential trade,” indicated Charles Thibault. Well, a rolling stone gathers no moss, because the expertise was passed on from one generation to the next: to his great-grandfather Charles – after whom the present Charles is named, to his grandfather Réal and, finally, to his father Mario and uncle Benoit.

Masons yes, but the sale of stone goes back to the 1950s and 1960s when his forefathers were quick to capitalize on the market opportunity presented by the retail sale of stone, well in advance of others. “At the time, the family company was known as Thibault et frères. Things were rather centralized. Today, we have several branches here and even in Ontario,” stated Charles Thibault, proud of the progress made.


Project Image

Established in 1995, Groupe MBM specializes in the production of concrete blocks.

A first plant opened in 1997 in the Laurentides, a second in Outaouais and finally, a third on the South Shore (between Montréal and Québec).

Since its foundation, Groupe MBM has been involved in major endeavours, including schools, fire stations, arenas, commercial buildings, Costco, Walmart, etc. To better serve our customers, we now operate a distribution network – in addition to our product line – that offers every advantage to ensure that companies working on large-scale projects or your home offer unparalleled investments in terms of product quality and environmental aesthetics.

Our range of products is sure to please both in terms of variety and quality. A choice of colours and sizes will enhance your environment and contribute to its beautiful modern appearance. Skilled staff will be pleased to guide you in the choice of your future investment or help you improve what already exists.